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ByMichael Otieno

Redundant aircraft systems enhance safety in flying

Since time immemorial, human beings have wanted to fly so bad that they have spent a lot of time and resources towards this quest.

Whether in an aircraft or not, the quest to conquer the skies is both bewildering and sometimes outright insane.

Take wing-suit flying for instance, where a flyer is dressed up in a body fitting suit with webbed wings between the arms and legs and dives off an aircraft, raised platform or cliff.

The aim here —  ridiculous as it sounds — is to glide through the air like birds do.

It doesn’t get dumber than this, but if you fancy going out with a bang, this is your ultimate ticket to Valhalla.

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ByMichael Otieno

Aircraft safety: No small technical hitch

Earlier this week I noticed an oil leak from my car. To avoid an impending breakdown, my first stop was the nearest garage.It was nothing compared with my regular service centre but I figured they could at least identify and plug the leak with ease.

After a preliminary examination of the car, each of the three mechanics had their own gut feeling as to the cause of the leak.

The guesswork and theories they all had were least to say, petrifying. I knew it was time to get my car to safety when the leader of the pack returned with a final verdict that the car engine needed to be taken apart.

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