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Our vision is to be the preferred aviation management partner for African airlines and airports, offering relevant and sound aviation insights for business success.

Airline Business Planning

Our airline management consultants offer a unique blend of aviation industry expertise which will help you understand better the business planning aspects, financial modeling and the risk factors involved.

Aviation Project Financing

Whether it is aircraft acquisition, aircraft leasing, working capitals needs, infrastructural development like hanger, runway, terminal building etc we help our clients find the right financing for new and existing projects.

Airline Management Training

The tailor made and in-house delivered programs are augmented with digital resources and reference materials, enabling trainees to have solid hands-on knowledge that they can implement immediately in the airline environment.

Loyalty Management

Our team of experts will work with you to set up the business rules managing the loyalty program, define promotional campaigns within the loyalty system, set rules for partner management and loyalty partnerships.


The Internet through the ever-evolving ecommerce and emarketing functions is constantly changing the way business is done online especially for the airlines and travel industry

Mobile Apps

The ambition of airlines is to make shopping services as widely available on smartphones as on a website. The future of the travel industry is in offering real-time personalization on mobile rather than on websites.

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